Lutou Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

LT LED Replacement Lamps

LT Tech's LED Replacement Lamps include MR16, PAR36, MR11, MR8, G4, WEDGE, Bayonet, etc., but the most popular are LT1016 MR16, 1036 PAR36 and LT104 G4.

Ground Lights LT1036

LT1016 and LT110136 are die-cast lighting materials, with different power and professional aluminum materials to choose from, almost meeting the needs of all product models, waterproof, glue-filled, and overheated outdoor can be used for a longer time.

Landscape Lighting LT1016c

LT 14 only uses a little bit more calcium sheet, it uses pressed copper foil, which is very resistant to high temperature. 10 It is suitable for use in high humidity cities.

Landscape Lighting LT104

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