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LT Smart Lighting with Tuya

Intelligent lighting system is the direction of future lighting development and an important part of smart home. We first chose to use Tuya intelligent solutions on several representative products, namely LT1016 MR16, LT1036 PAR36 and LT104A5 G4.

Landscape Lights

Landscape Lighting LT1016c

Users can control smart lighting devices within a certain range through the APP installed in the smart mobile device, such as switch, brightness, RGBW color change, grouping, setting conditions, etc. Sitting at home, you can control any light in the network at will. You can also control the front yard, backyard, swimming pool and other areas in groups. During festivals, you can adjust the color of the light to enhance the atmosphere. You can even realize all the above functions through Bluetooth speakers.

Ground-Lights LT1036

Path Lighting LT505b

In order to increase the communication distance and stability of the product, we have introduced the signal amplifier LT5101 to meet the needs of larger projects.

Outdoor Lighting LT2506lb Up Light

Subsequently, we used this technology on 2 integrated light stands LT2505B and LT2506LB.

Landscape Lighting Systems LT5101

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