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Landscape Lighting
Landscape Lighting

Landscape Lighting

Discover LT Tech’s comprehensive types of low-voltage landscape lighting for everything green industry professionals need. Our wide selection of high-quality landscape lighting includes many choices ideal for illuminating gardens, yards, paths, patios, decks, ponds, hardscapes,s and more. LT Tech company offers custom low voltage landscape lighting design ideas and manufacturing to satisfy your outdoor uses. 

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Types Of Landscape Lighting Products

Landscape Lighting Manufacturer From China-LT TECH's Landscape Lights Create Your Little Bit of Heaven
Advantages Of Our Landscape Lighting Products

Advantages Of Our Landscape Lighting Products


We only manufacture the best quality landscape lighting products at the most competitive cost.


You are purchasing high quality landscape lights directly from the china outdoor light factory, not a middle man.


We offer tech support on all types of landscape lighting.


We keep developing and releasing new low voltage led deck lighting ideas and production every year.

Landscape Lighting Manufacturing Process

Landscape Lighting Manufacturing Process
The Manufacturing Processes of the Brass Lighting Fixtures:
  • Die Casting

Use superior brass ingot as material, processed by precision equipment and mould.

  • Finish Machining

Technician processes the die-casting parts, turning polishing, slotting, thread tapping, etc

  • Surface Finish

To improve its durability, we will black coating and painting the parts.

  • Assembling

Assemble all qualified parts together, then pack them up.

Customized LT TECH's Landscape Lighting Services

Customized LT TECH's Landscape Lighting Services

Step 1

Leave your message at contact us page, describe your requirements briefly, our customer rep. will contact you in 24hrs.

Step 2

Provide as much detail as possible about the customized landscape lighting.

Step 3

Target price, 1st order quantity.

Step 4

Quote, sign a contract, deposit, design, confirm sample, balance, put into production.

LT TECH's Landscape Lighting Cases

LT TECH is very proud that our landscape lighting system is installed in many outdoor places, if you have some project photos to share, contact us to find out how.
What Is Required To Install A Low Voltage Landscape Lighting System?
  • Low voltage transformer: Reduce 120V voltage to 12V voltage.

  • Bulb: Light source of the system, available in different colors and beam spreads.

  • Fixture: Protect bulb from outdoor elements.

  • Cable: Carry current from transformer to bulb.

Where To Install The Landscape Lights?
  • Garden: Lighting up the plants and surrounding yard to create an appealing atmosphere, close to nature at night time and enjoy the beauty of the garden.

  • Path: Lighten the darkened path and stairs, lead your family and guest to the door of your house.

  • Yard: Illuminate your front and back yards to invite the guests but discourage the intruders.

  • Deck: Illuminate the decks and stairs of the entertainment areas in a comfortable manner, extend your nighttime scope of activity.

  • Patio: Create a nice ambiance & atmosphere to host your guest at entertainment area.

  • Hardscape: Shape the dimension of the retaining walls, rocks at night and highlight your surroundings.

Do you have questions or comments about any of our outdoor lights? We want to hear from you.