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Low Voltage Transformer
Low Voltage Transformer

Low Voltage Transformer

Power supply is an indispensable thing for lighting. In the low-voltage landscape lighting industry, you need an outdoor low voltage transformer as a power supply, and LT TECH's low-voltage toroidal transformer is your best choice. It has countless benefits - 304 stainless steel housing, reloaded toroidal copper coil, optional 12-22VAC output com, ETL certified product etc. Choose transformers from LT TECH to ensure your landscape lighting system is guaranteed.

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Why Choose Low Voltage Transformer

Outdoor Low Voltage Transformer

Choosing LT TECH's low-voltage transformers means choosing safety and reliability. 304 stainless steel housing, heavy-duty toroid, ETL certification, limited lifetime warranty, we escort your landscape lighting system.


304 stainless steel housing


heavy-duty toroid


ETL certification


limited lifetime warranty

Low Voltage Transformer FAQs

Part 01
What is the input and output voltage of the transformer?

The input voltage of the transformer is 120V AC, and the output voltage is different for each transformer, there are 12/15V AC, 12-15V AC, 12-22V AC options, please see the details page for your reference.

Part 02
How many lights can be connected to a transformer?

Regarding the transformer, we recommend using only 75%-80% of its power instead of full load. For example, for a 300W transformer, we recommend that you only use 240W. If you have 10W lights, you can connect up to 24 lights. You have to consider the power loss and other issues. It is recommended to consult a professional electrician.

Part 03
Do I have to buy all transformer accessories?

No, the transformer can be used without any accessories, you can buy our timers, photocells and smart WIFI sockets to use with the transformer according to your needs, to achieve more functions and wider application scenarios.

Part 04
How long is the warranty for the transformer?

We provide a limited lifetime warranty to all low voltage transformers.

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