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Bluetooth Repeater

Bluetooth Repeater

The bluetooth signal is a wave that is easily interrupted by metal or obstacles, and our smart tuya model is designed in LED bulbs or metal fixtures, the bluetooth signal is often weakened a lot, so the bluetooth repeater came into being. The LT5101 accessory can effectively enhance the bluetooth signal within 80 meters. With this repeater, you will no longer need to worry about the tuya smart losing contact with the device. And the LT5101 is very easy to install, you can use stake to fix it on the ground, connect it to a transformer or battery and it can work.

  • Tuya smart control

  • IP65

  • 80 meter Max coverage radius

Specifications of Bluetooth Repeater

Connectivity Technology Wireless, Bluetooth



Operating voltage


Control App

Tuya smart

Control method


IP rating


Antenna Type

2.4G Bluetooth Gain antenna

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