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Brass Outdoor Light Fixtures
Brass Outdoor Light Fixtures

Brass Outdoor Light Fixtures

LT TECH offers a wide range of brass outdoor landscape lighting fixtures, containing the most popular up lights, path lights, and well lights for basic lighting needs, we also developed a series of premium integrated brass landscape lighting for the very high-end market, they may have some special features and functions you’ve never seen. Not found the one you like? Contact a sales rep. to help you or customized one for yourself now.

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Brass Landscape Lighting Fixtures For Sale

Why Choose LT TECH Brass Outdoor Light Fixtures?

  • The most popular up light in North America, originally designed by Unique Lighting Systems, simple and practical, however, it's not easy to manufacture a simple but qualified outdoor lighting fixture, why LT TECH?


Real & Superior Solid Brass Material


Exquisite Workmanship


Best Paint & Finish

Hot LT TECH Brass Outdoor Light Fixtures

LT TECH Solid Brass Outdoor Light Fixtures Enhance Your Outdoor Living Space
LT2101 Compact MR16 Up Lights
Compact design, economic, ideal for applications where a discreet light source is needed.
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LT2401 Standard G4 Path Lights
Medium-sized, 6.13" hat, 22.88" stem, meet all basic lighting requirements of the pathways and flower beds.
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LT2302 Square Flood Lights
Socket customizable, allowing you install a vertical MR16 or horizontal G4 lamp for wall washing.
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LT2202A Flat MR16 Well Lights
Drive-over rated brass face plate, anti-corrosion canister.
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LT TECH Brass Outdoor Fixtures FAQs

Frequently asked questions about LT TECH brass outdoor fixtures here, click to see more!
Part 01
Are brass outdoor fixtures durable

Brass is made from a combination of copper and zinc, it will "patina" or turn darker over times, but it won't corrode, it's the best option for coastal and outdoor environments.

Part 02
How to clean outdoor brass light fixtures

Wipe the brass light fixtures thoroughly with dampened cloth until you see zero dirt or residue, warm water preferred.

Part 03
How to replace an outdoor light fixture

You MUST disconnect the power and make sure the work area is dry, then remove the light fixture, untwist the wire connectors and wire ends, connect the new light fixture.

Part 04
Does Landscape Lighting increase your home security

Yes, landscape lighting illuminates dark areas, entries, exits and any dark spots where intruders can hide.

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