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LED Lamps
LED Lamps

LED Lamps

LED stands for light emitting diode.

LED lighting products produce light up to 90% more efficiently than incandescent light bulbs. How do they work? An electrical current passes through a microchip, which illuminates the tiny light sources we call LEDs and the result is visible light. To prevent performance issues, the heat LEDs produce is absorbed into a heat sink. All of our LED lamps LT TECH made are specially engineered for high-end landscape lighting.

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Why Choose LT TECH LED Lamps

  • The LED Bulbs are customzied for the outdoor lighting enviroment, with soft and even lighting, long lifespam, high CRI, work well in the enclosed fixtures.


Quality LED Chip


Great heat sink


Geat lighting performace


LT TECH LED Lamps Enhance Your Outdoor Living Space
LT1016A Standard LED MR16
IP65 weatherproof, heat overload protection technology, fully potted PC board.
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LT1036 Standard LED PAR36
IP67 Waterproof, heat overloa protection technology, long lifespan.
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LT104P Brass Water-proof G4
Brass structure, heavy-duty, great lighting performace, low voltage 9-17V.
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LT1016C 8W High Power MR16
High lumen output, good for architectural lighting.
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Is the LED Lamps suitable for outdoor environment?

Yes, our LED lamps are specially engineered for outdoor lighting, they can work well in the enclosed fixtures.  

Do you have ETL Certification for the Lamps.

 Yes, all of our LED products have ETL certifications, they are okay for the market in North America.

What is the brand of LED chip?

We use quality Samsung LED chip with a great lighting performance.

Does Landscape Lighting increase your home security?

Yes, landscape lighting illuminates dark areas, entries, exits and any dark spots where intruders can hide.

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