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Whether you notice it or not, smart lighting is really taking the landscape lighting by storm - smart lighting can make landscape lighting solutions more gorgeous, varied, and more user-friendly, completely subverting your imagination. LT TECH is a leader in smart landscape lighting, in cooperation with Tuya smart, we have launched smart lighting bulbs and smart integrated fixtures, which can meet the vast majority of smart lighting needs.

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Why Choose LT TECH Smart Lighting Solutions

LT TECH has been deeply involved in the field of smart lighting for many years, and cooperated with the famous smart solution supplier TUYA to provide smart LED bulbs, smart integrated fixtures and Bluetooth repeaters, we are making landscape lighting more diverse and humanized.


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Smart Lighting FAQs

Part 01
How do I connect my smart led landscape lights?

You can search for [tuya smart] in Google Play or App Store to download the app, connect and control your smart lights through tuya smart.

Part 02
How do I reset my smart LED lights?

There are two ways, the first is to quickly turn on/off the smart lights up to 5 times until the smart light is blinking or breathing; the other is to delete the lights from the tuya smart app, the smart lights will be blinking or breathing, the device has been reset.

Part 03
Do you have the option of a remote control?

No, currently all our smart led lamps are controlled via the tuya smart APP.

Part 04
WIFI control and Bluetooth control, which should I choose?

We recommend that you use the Bluetooth-controlled version, which works great with our Bluetooth repeater. If you confirm that the location where the smart lighting lamps are installed have a great wifi connection, the WIFI-controlled version is also a good choice.

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