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LT6203 18AWG Lead Wire

LT6203 18AWG Lead Wire

LT TECH 18AWG lead wire for holiday lighting is available in both E12  spool/ E17 spool. Made for 120V lighting projects. SPT-1W 18AWG/2C wire, 1000FT 1000 sockets, 1 FT spacing, no plug. You can buy our LT6901-A05 male and female plug to complete the wire set.

  • Waterproof design, safe guaranteed.

  • PVC+COOPER durable for both indoor and outdoor use.

  • Multiple color options for custmization demands, Black, green, blown, White.

Specifications of LT6203 18AWG Lead Wire


Type:C7/ C9
Base:E12/ E17
Wire:SPT-1W 18AWG/2C wire
Size:1000LT/ 1000FT

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