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Bevel PAR36 Well Lights

Bevel PAR36 Well Lights

The In-Ground well lights are mainly fixtures used for outdoor lighting. It has been widely used in public gardens, tree gaps, and squares. The special design of LT2205A Bevel PAR36 In-Ground Light will let the heat easier to get out while using PAR36 as the luminaire, adjustable gimbal to make the lighting in the direction you need.

  • Pre-stipped wire for quick wiring

  • Gimbal as holder for easy bulb replacement

  • LED ready

  • Canister structures to ensure easy installation in harsh environments.

  • Declining cylinder model.

Specifications of Bevel PAR36 Well Lights


MaterialSolid brass&PVC
Finish Optional*Antique Bronze
*Gun Metal Black
LampPAR36(not included)
Input Voltage12V
LensClear Lens
Lead Wire72" (1.8 meters) svt 18/2c gauge
Dimension5.5 * 8.375 inch

Video of One-Direction Turret MR16 Well Lights

Video of One-Direction Turret MR16 Well Lights
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Compatible Accessories of One-Direction Turret MR16 Well Lights

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