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LT2205B Flat PAR36 Well Lights

LT2205B Flat PAR36 Well Lights

The In-Ground well lights are mainly fixtures used for outdoor lighting. It has been widely used in public gardens, tree gaps, and squares. The special design ofLT2205B Flat PAR36 In-Ground Light will let the heat easier to get out while using PAR36 as the luminaire, adjustable gimbal to make the lighting in the direction you need.  Removable brass top for easy lamp replacement.

  • Pre-stipped wire for quick wiring

  • Gimbal as holder for easy bulb replacement

  • LED ready

  • Canister structures to ensure easy installation in harsh environments.

  • Flat cylinder model.

Specifications of Flat PAR36 Well Lights


MaterialSolid brass&PVC
Finish Optional*Antique Bronze
*Gun Metal Black
LampPAR36(not included)
Input Voltage12V
LensClear Lens
Lead Wire72" (1.8 meters) svt 18/2c gauge
Dimension5.5 * 7 inch

Video of Flat PAR36 Well Lights

Video of Flat PAR36 Well Lights
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Compatible Accessories of Flat PAR36 Well Lights

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