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LT TECH Taizhou Landscape Light Fixtures New Factory Put Into Use

On June 1, 2022, the opening ceremony of LT TECH Taizhou new factory was grandly held in Taizhou, Jiangsu. LT TECH customer representatives, business leaders, and 60 LT TECH Taizhou new factory employees attended the ceremony.


LT TECH invested in constructing our new Taizhou factory in October 2021. After seven months of preparation and construction, the factory was officially put into use in June 2022, with a building area of 10,000 square meters.

The design and construction of the new LT TECH Taizhou factory refer to modern factory standards in an all-around way, with functions such as customization and development, component manufacturing, whole-piece assembly and commissioning, and customer service. The factory has 18 CNC machines, four punching machines, one bending machine, and one automatic coating line. After the equipment upgrade, the production capacity of the new factory has increased from the original 20,000 sets/month to 60,000 sets/month, which ensures product quality, improves production efficiency, and shortens the delivery time.

With the support of the new factory, a professional team composed of LT TECH Taizhou engineers will provide domestic and foreign customers with faster product delivery, higher product quality, and better after-sales service. The completion of LT TECH's new factory also shows LT TECH's determination to take root in Taizhou and deeply cultivate the landscape lighting market.


In this regard, Mr. Wang Ding, general manager of LT TECH, said: "High quality is the golden key to opening the market; no quality means no benefit.  As an essential production base built by LT TECH locally in China, the Taizhou new factory will provide high-quality products and comprehensive services to domestic and foreign customers and enhance LT TECH's comprehensive competitiveness in the landscape light fixtures market.