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Advantages and Characteristics of Low-voltage Lamp

There are many types of lighting products, and when choosing products, they are selected based on the user's needs in order to achieve better results. What kind of product is low-voltage lamp, and what are its characteristics and where can it be used more?

The advantages of low-voltage lamp

As a low voltage lighting manufacturer, we are professional in this area. The standard lighting voltage is AC 220V. Depending on special engineering needs, lamps with voltages lower than the standard lighting voltage level, such as AC 127V or DC 36V, are called low voltage lamps. Low voltage lamps have safety, explosion-proof, and energy-saving characteristics, and are widely used in mobile lighting, household appliance auxiliary lighting, industrial and mining lighting and other special lighting fields.

  • Safety: Low-voltage lamp is generally 12V/24V/36V, which is a safe voltage for the human body, used in places required by national standards or places with high safety coefficients;

  • Longer lifespan: as the circuit is a DC low voltage, fewer components are used, resulting in a longer lifespan;

  • No flicker: because DC voltage is used, the flicker phenomenon in AC use is avoided;

  • Small volume: no complex circuit is required, so it can be made as small as possible.

For example, 1w led bulb bayonet is popular among our customers.

The characteristics of low-voltage lamp

And if you have low voltage lighting ideas, you can contact us. Low-voltage lamp is a product produced by a special production process. Low-voltage lamp is a type of lamp with a voltage level lower than standard lighting. The most obvious feature of this type of lamp is that it is very safe to use and has explosion-proof, energy-saving and other advantages. It is generally widely used in mobile lighting, household appliance auxiliary lighting, and special lighting occasions, such as in mining enterprises and in lighting enterprises with high explosion-proof requirements.

During the use of low-voltage lamp products, it can meet the needs of some special users. During the production process of low-voltage lamp, LED lighting efficiency is generally used. Especially in some leisure places, in order to achieve a hazy effect, crystal low voltage crystal lamps are chosen. They not only make the shape very beautiful, without any metallic texture, giving people a warm and natural feeling, but also achieve a hazy effect, bringing a moment of peace to people's visual experience in leisure places.

In addition, when low-voltage lamp is produced, the product also has diversified designs, and manufacturers can produce lamps of various shapes to meet the needs of different users. Of course, in some special enterprises where shape requirements are not high, but quality and light brightness requirements are high, special production processes will also be carried out to meet the needs of different users.