Lutou Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

Crossing Dong & Xi Chong Coastline

Around 9 a.m.: meet downstairs in the company

Landscape Lights Landscape Lighting

11:30 noon: Arrive near Dongxi Chong and have a simple lunch

Ground Lights 

Path Lighting 

12:30 noon: Arrive at the entrance and prepare to go up the mountain

Landscape Uplights Led Landscape Lighting

Around 13:14 in the afternoon: Climb the first hill, come to the coastline, and rest for everyone

Outdoor Landscape Lighting Landscape Lighting Exhibitions Events

Around 15:30 in the afternoon: Climb over many hills, and rest for the second time on the coastline

Landscape Lights Exhibitions Events Outdoor Lighting Exhibitions Events

Around 16:00 pm: The physical strength of the team members is stratified, forming 3 teams to advance

Ground Lights Exhibitions Events

16:30 - 17:20 pm: All three teams arrive at the finish line of Xichong

Around 17:30 in the afternoon: All staff set off back to the company

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