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Design and Application of LED Lights Walkway

Understanding the design and application of LED lights walkway

  • Choosing the appropriate location. Landscape lights are generally placed at the entrances and exits of parks and green spaces, as well as in squares, transportation intersections, along internal roads, at crossroads, staircases, building perimeters, water features, fountains, sculptures, lawn edges, and other locations within the park.

  • Illuminance should be harmonious with the environment. Depending on the different sections of the park's environment, the selection of illumination for LED walkway lights should be appropriate. For places with heavy traffic, such as entrances and squares, sufficient and appropriate illumination intensity is required; while a gentle and relaxed light is sufficient for quiet walking paths. Soft, comfortable lighting will make the park environment more peaceful, comfortable and friendly. The entire LED lights walkway should have a uniformly arranged layout, with a lighting intensity that is both even and fluctuating, creating an artistic effect of light and dark rhythm. At the same time, inappropriate dark corners should also be avoided.

  • Choosing the appropriate height for LED lights walkway poles. In order to ensure uniform illumination, in addition to the even distribution and reasonable distance of the light fixtures, the height of the lighting poles should also be appropriate. The height of park lights is related to their use. Generally, the height of park lights is around 3 meters; for areas with a large amount of pedestrian flow, the height of park lights is generally between 4 and 6 meters; the height of lights used for scenic purposes should be determined by the situation. In addition, the ratio of the height of the lighting poles to the horizontal distance between them should be appropriate in order to create uniform illumination. In municipal landscaping projects, the ratio of the height of the lighting poles to the horizontal distance between them is generally between 1/12 and 1/10.

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LED lights walkway in parks

The landscape nodes are usually more prominent, and there are two types of lighting methods that can be used for key scenic areas. One is to place the lighting on the ground or underground, and the other is to arrange lighting poles. With the use of shadows or different colors of light, unique lines can be created. For example, pavilions, corridors, flower stands, and special buildings should incorporate the shape and characteristics of the scenic points and the surrounding environment when installing LED lights walkway, using spotlights to direct light to the main parts of the building such as walls and pillars, forming a light transition from strong to weak from top to bottom, presenting the panoramic beauty and selecting suitable colors to emphasize the sense of layering and color of the landscape, with comfort and elegance as the main theme. You can find some garden lighting ideas pictures for reference in our website.

The lighting on the road is an important part of creating a smooth theme rhythm in the park. Different roads have strict standards for using LED lights walkway. We provide outdoor hardscape lighting. Safety lighting should be used for main roads, and high and continuous illumination should be used to establish the road situation for vehicles and pedestrians. For minor paths or recreational paths, a harmonious and quiet atmosphere should be created, with soft light as the main theme, but without neglecting the safety of the ground.