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Why Use LED Hardscape Lighting?

Understanding LED hardscape lighting

Landscape lighting refers to outdoor lighting projects that not only have lighting functions, but also have artistic decoration and environmental beautification functions. LED hardscape lighting can be divided into road landscape lighting, garden square landscape lighting, and building landscape lighting.

Benefits of LED hardscape lighting

As a company dealing with China led landscape light, let us show you the advantages of LED hardscape lighting.

LED hardscape lighting saves money

LED lighting is low voltage, which means it consumes much less electricity than incandescent or halogen bulbs. If you're used to paying a $100 monthly bill for traditional lighting, switching to LED lighting could bring your bill down to $20 per month.

LED hardscape lighting is energy-saving

Now you know that LED lights are 80% more efficient than traditional lighting. What's more, it's worth mentioning that 95% of the energy in LED bulbs is converted into light, while 5% is wasted in the form of heat energy. This favorable ratio allows LED to remain cool to the touch and reduce the risk of fire and skin burns. In contrast, fluorescent lights convert 95% of energy into heat, with only 5% converted into light. For example, we have 1w led bulb bayonet for sale.

LED hardscape lighting is environmentally friendly

In addition to reducing energy waste, LED is also considered an environmentally friendly LED hardscape lighting option because it does not contain toxic elements such as mercury and does not require special recycling instructions.

LED hardscape lighting is easy to retrofit

Did you know that almost all lighting equipment has LED substitutes? Whether it's temporary or long-term, retrofitting your current landscape lighting system with LED is often a cost-effective, energy-saving investment for homeowners.

LED hardscape lighting is easy to control

If you want to better control the architectural features outside your home at night, outdoor lighting with LED can achieve this goal. LED can minimize "light pollution" by projecting what we like to call directional light - so it will go exactly where you want it to go. If you want to buy mr8 led light bulbs, you can also contact us.


LED hardscape lighting is durable

LEDs are not encapsulated in glass and do not use filaments or neon gas. So what? This actually makes LED more durable than traditional lighting. LED hardscape lighting can withstand intense impacts, continuous vibrations, and temperature fluctuations.

LED hardscape lighting is easy to maintain

The lifespan of LED is significantly longer than that of traditional light bulbs. LED has become the easiest and most forgettable lighting option available today. It's not uncommon for LED to last 17 to 20 years when operated for an average of 8 hours every night.

LED hardscape lighting is versatile

The days when LED only appeared in a cold white-blue tone are long gone. Just like sunlight, LED light bulbs emit full-spectrum lighting. Today's improved LED bulbs have the same warm and pleasant tones as halogen.