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The Unique Advantages of LED Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting, as a type of lighting in the lighting industry, is widely used in today's society. One key requirement for selecting an ideal light source for landscape lighting is long lifespan. When it comes to lifespan, LED will surpass other light sources.

What is landscape lighting?

Landscape lighting refers to using outdoor lights to help illuminate gardens, water bodies, exterior buildings, or even a specific tree. It not only serves the function of illumination, but also combines artistic decoration and environmental beautification. Adequate illumination in landscapes is essential for enhancing the entertainment function, safety, and beautification of the area. As LED lights are unidirectional, they play a crucial role in landscape lighting.

Understanding the unique advantages of LED landscape lights

Brighter, better light

The main functions of landscape lighting are safety and decoration. LED lights are considered a bright form of light, capable of achieving 170-180 lumens per watt, and providing reliable light. In addition to this feature, LED lights are not prone to explosions or burning at the light source under overheating conditions or short circuits.

Environmentally friendly

China LED landscape lighting do not emit any infrared or ultraviolet radiation and are completely mercury-free. Moreover, these lights comply with ROHS standards, which means LED lights do not contain any hazardous substances such as cadmium or mercury. In contrast, metal halide lamps contain high levels of cadmium and fluorescent lamps emit mercury. Since landscape lights are installed near natural water bodies or trees, LED lights are the preferred choice.

Low maintenance cost

The presence of light sources in backyard lights is very important because their locations are usually in vulnerable areas. For example, underwater lights in swimming pools are difficult to replace because emptying the pool is required to change the light. Another example is floodlights, which require cranes to restore in case of issues. In most cases, the cost of replacing the lights far exceeds the cost of the lights themselves.

Low voltage operation

The operating voltage of LED landscape lights is below 4VDC. To make them work on 220V, we usually use power supplies to lower the voltage and convert AC to DC. For any lights that come into direct contact with water, it is recommended to operate at lower voltages to avoid disasters when current flows out.

When it comes to traditional light sources, we need to use specific inverter circuits to increase the voltage and convert it into AC. This reduces the safety and lifespan of the fixtures while increasing their cost. On the other hand, LED is a safer choice, operating at low voltage and being very safe during operation.

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