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What Aspects Should Be Considered When Customizing Landscape Pathlights?

Customize landscape pathlights: Landscape pathlights are difficult to determine the height and size ratio

Due to the lack of on-site survey conditions in the design drawing, it is difficult for the designer to achieve the actual application conditions of the scene through unilateral design alone. This problem is an unavoidable challenge for us. The most effective way to solve this problem is through high-frequency communication between production and design, and determine the parameters according to the lamp type and application scenario.

Customize landscape pathlights: light source and viewing direction

When selecting the light source for landscape pathlights, factors such as light color, color rendering, efficiency, and lifespan should be considered. The light color of landscape pathlights is closely related to the color of the external wall materials of buildings, so it is necessary to fully consider the building materials of each place in the city in order to determine the light source of landscape pathlights. Generally, warm color light is suitable for illuminating golden bricks and yellow-brown stones.

Because the buildings of each city or region may be visible from different directions and angles, a specific direction must be decided as the main viewing direction before the design of landscape pathlights begins. Therefore, field research on the city must be conducted to analyze its geographic location and determine the main direction of landscape pathlights in order to use the light of these lamps to highlight the unique charm of the city.

Customizelandscape pathlights: surrounding environment and background

The brightness of the surrounding environment and background affects the illumination required by landscape pathlights. If the surroundings are dark, a small amount of light is sufficient to illuminate the subject. If the surroundings are bright, the light needs to be strengthened to highlight the subject. Therefore, before producing landscape pathlights in a certain area, the buildings and surrounding environment of each place in the city must be understood in order to determine the brightness of the lamps.

During the transportation of the landscape lighting wholesale, collisions and friction can cause the product to lose its paint and affect its appearance. To avoid this problem, each street lamp is fixed in place during transportation. In addition, to prevent the connection from coming loose during transport, materials with high friction are selected. Due to the large quantity of goods and the long transportation distance, it is difficult for drivers to ensure the security of the goods. Therefore, we will also dispatch personnel to guard against theft.

Since the situation in each city and region is different, the factors affecting the design of landscape pathlights are also different. Therefore, before designing landscape pathway lighting ideas, these factors must be fully considered in order to design the most suitable landscape pathlights for the development of this city.