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Installation Place and Wiring Method of Outside Down Wall Lights

Nowadays, whether it is urban lighting, scenic parks, hotels, commercial street squares, etc., when doing landscape lighting, different wall lamps will be designed and installed, so which places are suitable for installing wall lamps?

1. What is the installation site of the outside down wall lights?

First of all, we all know that outside down wall lights are decorative wall lamps installed on the exterior walls. For example, the decorative wall lamps on the exterior walls of commercial buildings are generally designed in the center of the column on the exterior wall of the building. According to the interval of the store, a suitable outside down wall light can be installed on each column. In many parks or scenic spots, we will install antique outdoor wall lights on the columns of the gazebo; in private villas, outdoor wall lights are mostly installed on both sides of the balcony, columns on both sides of the gate, etc. Secondly, we can also install them at the entrance of the gate or in the window of the hotel restaurant. Outdoor wall sconces are seen between the windows. And there are also outdoor retaining wall lights.

The lighting ability of the outside down wall light is strong. Outdoor wall lamps have special requirements. Due to the changeable outdoor lighting work and environment, there are many uncontrollable factors. For example, outside down wall lights will be affected by natural conditions such as temperature, humidity, rain, sand and dust. There are protection measures and maintenance work. Outdoor wall lights are prone to rapid aging. Therefore, outdoor wall lights need regular maintenance and some safety measures. Outdoor wall lamps must have waterproof and dustproof functions. If the outside down wall light is placed outdoors, it means that it may be exposed to the sun and rain. Therefore, the lampshade or lamp holder of the wall lamp needs to be sealed well to achieve the effect of waterproof and dustproof. We have 1w led bulb bayonet for sale.

2. What is the wiring method of the power cord of the outside down wall light of the building?

Since we deal with China outdoor landscape lighting, we will introduce to you that our current various garden landscapes, business buildings, hotels and other building columns or columns on both sides of the gate will install suitable outside down wall lights. Outdoor wall lamps generally use conventional AC110V working power, so we need to have a power cable at the position where the wall light is installed. Generally, the cables of the decorative wall light are installed through the wiring inside the wall, so before installing the outdoor wall light and wall decoration of the building, the installation position of the wall light should be reserved first, and the power cable should be pre-buried in the wall. Secondly, if it is a well-decorated wall and we install the wall light, the power line can go through the open wire. If you are afraid of affecting the overall appearance, you can also re-dig the groove, bury the wire pipe and thread it, and then install the outdoor wall lamp of the building. In this case, the cost will be much higher.