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What Are the Differences Between Flood Lights and Spotlights?

Flood lights and spotlight are lighting equipment that are commonly used in lighting projects, but these two types of lighting equipment have different characteristics and are suitable for different environments. Using the appropriate lighting equipment in the appropriate places can achieve the desired effect. Today we will share with you the differences between flood lights and spotlight.

Introduction to flood lights

As one of the most reliable and responsible China landscape lighting manufacturers, we will share with you professional instruction. Flood lights are not spotlights, projectors, or searchlights. The flood lights produce highly diffused and directionless light instead of sharply defined beams, resulting in soft and transparent shadows. When used for object illumination, the illumination decreases much slower than when using spotlights, and some flood lights even appear to be a light source that does not produce shadows. In contrast, spotlights project directed and sharply defined light beams to illuminate a specific area. Flood lights uniformly illuminate objects from a specific point to all directions. As a replacement product for electric light sources, flood lights have been increasingly recognized by people and have been widely used in many fields. Flood lights are mainly used for billboards, highways, railway tunnels, bridges, squares, buildings, etc. We also provide outdoor hardscape lighting.

What are the differences between flood lights and spotlights?

Though we provide landscape lighting products, we are obliged to explain an often-asked question. When camping outdoors and needing lighting, choosing the right outdoor lighting fixtures has become a big challenge. Afterall, there are various types of lights with different uses. Let's take flood lights and spotlights as an example, what are the differences between the two?

  • The illuminating forms of oval flood lights and spotlights are different: Flood lights have a scattering function, so when it is turned on, it will project light in all directions, and the area within the flood light's range will be illuminated, making it suitable for illuminating the entire scene. However, spotlights have a focusing function, so they can be directed, and when a high-quality spotlight is turned on, its light will project directly in the designated direction.

  • The illumination angle of flood lights and spotlights varies: The illumination angle of flood lights cannot be adjusted. Although the lighting range can be adjusted after it is turned on, it spreads around the lamp itself. The projection angle of spotlights can be selected according to actual requirements, and can usually be selected at any angle within 180 degrees.

  • Flood lights and spotlights are used in different scenarios: Flood lights can produce scattered light sources over a large area. If multiple flood lights are used in combination, they can provide high-brightness diffuse light sources for camping tents. Spotlights are usually used for architectural, square, flowerbed, and park lighting.