Lutou Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

Lutou Technology 2024 Annual Celebration Successfully Concludes

On January 19, 2024, the 'Lutou Technology 2024 Annual Celebration' was grandly held at the Crown Holiday Hotel near the Lutou Technology Huizhou Factory (China).



Leaders and employees of the Lutou Technology Huizhou Factory, all members of the Lutou Technology Shenzhen Department who came from afar, and specially invited guests attended the annual event.



At the beginning of the annual celebration, Mr. Wang, the CEO of Lutou Technology, delivered the opening speech for the 2024 annual meeting. 

He acknowledged the outstanding achievements of Lutou Technology in the past year, summarized the company's development, and highlighted changes in the team over the year. 

He also outlined the company's future development direction and prospects.


Following this, members of Lutou Technology showcased a diverse range of talent performances, and a lucky draw segment was included, sparking excitement and cheers among the participants. 


After the joyful celebration, employees from the Shenzhen office returned to Shenzhen.