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How to Install Low-voltage LED Handscape Lighting?

Understanding LED handscape lighting

Landscape lighting usually covers a wide range and variety of types, requiring overall planning and considering key nodes, such as focused lighting for individuals such as small landscapes and buildings. Therefore, the lighting techniques are diverse, the selection of lighting fixtures is also complicated, and higher overall ability is required for lighting designers.

Since we are dealing with China LED landscape lighting, we believe that LED outdoor lighting is the safest form of lighting. Compared with halogen landscape lights, LED hardscape lighting produces very little heat. The touch of landscape installations is only slightly warm, because 12-volt halogen landscape lights may burn people, pets, or plants. LED lights can withstand collisions and impacts. Unlike incandescent bulbs, LED bulbs have no delicate filaments and will not be damaged due to the movement of fixtures during maintenance or rough gardeners. LED landscape lighting can save up to 80% of outdoor lighting energy costs, saving you $100 or even $1,000 a year. Many landscape lights can be installed by yourself, especially low-voltage landscape lights. And we own a path lights factory, so you can trust us.

How to install low-voltage LED hardscape lighting

To install low-voltage landscape lighting, you need a landscape transformer to reduce the 120-volt output of the home electrical system to the 12-volt used by the low-voltage landscape lights.

You first need to determine how many and which specific low-voltage landscape lights you plan to use for your project. Once you have chosen the quantity and model, you can correctly adjust the size of the landscape transformer. The total wattage of all low-voltage landscape lights needs to be less than 80% of the transformer's capacity. Please note that you may want to leave room on the transformer to add additional fixtures in the future. And we do provide outdoor hardscape lighting products, so you can contact us if you want.

Connect the cable of the lights to the landscape transformer according to the manufacturer's instructions. Then mount the transformer on the wall next to the socket. If necessary, assemble the fixtures according to the manufacturer's instructions. Lay out the assembled fixtures where they will be installed, then run the cable through the ground from light to light. Use a low-voltage wire connector to connect the cables. Turn on the system and troubleshoot. Resolve any issues you may find and adjust positions as needed. Once you are satisfied with the position of the landscape lighting, dig a trench (about 6 inches deep) for the cable and run the cable inside without burying it. Plug in the landscape transformer, troubleshoot again to ensure that the lights are working satisfactorily. Confirm that the lights are working properly and do not require further adjustment, then bury the cable.