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What Are the Advantages of Low-voltage Lighting?

What is low-voltage lighting?

As a professional low voltage lighting manufacturer, we know exactly the history of it. Low-voltage lighting originated in American homes in the 1950s. Initially used for landscape lighting, it quickly entered indoor spaces due to its ease of use, multifunctionality, and energy efficiency. This type of lighting is powered by 30 volts or less of electricity. Low-voltage lighting uses something called a transformer to reduce normal line voltage (usually 120 to 277 volts) to 12 to 24 volts. Low-voltage lighting is generally used for recessed, pendant, track, landscape, and other display lighting. When light is needed in narrow, hard-to-reach areas, it is often the preferred choice.

Advantages of low-voltage lighting

Energy efficiency and cost savings

We have collected low voltage lighting ideas. As mentioned above, one of the benefits of low-voltage lighting is that it can lower the voltage needed to produce sufficient light. It can emit as much light as incandescent bulbs while using 20% less energy. They work well with dimmer switches, which is helpful for improving energy efficiency and allowing homeowners to save energy costs, thereby saving on lighting expenses.

Low heat contribution

Unlike many other competitive low voltage led light bulbs, such as halogen or incandescent, low-voltage lights have a cool touch and provide little heat to the surrounding environment. When installed indoors, this is a good attribute as low voltage lights will not add heat to the house or pose any form of heat hazard.


Low-voltage lighting is often smaller than regular incandescent bulbs, which makes them easier to use in a variety of ways, which is one of the greatest benefits of low-voltage lighting. You can install them in tight spaces, hard-to-reach spaces, and other corners and crevices where other lighting styles are too large to accommodate. With low-voltage lighting, you can also use a wider variety of bulbs, such as mr8 led light bulbs.

Easy installation

Low-voltage lights are easy to install and do not require a professional electrician. You can purchase low-voltage lights at your local home improvement store and get a quick installation manual to help guide you through the installation process.

Long lifespan

The use of low voltage lights such as LED has a much longer lifespan than traditional incandescent bulbs. Therefore, not only can you save on electricity bills, but also on bulb replacement costs. The power of low-voltage lighting cables is significantly lower than that of traditional lighting, making it safer to use and carry on your property.

Environmentally friendly

Low voltage LEDs convert 90% of their power into light and only lose 10% as heat. This efficiency makes their lifespan longer. Because it takes longer for them to burn out, we save non-renewable energy and reduce pollution.