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Features And Uses Of Floodlights

Floodlight is a point light source that can illuminate evenly in all directions. Its illumination range can be adjusted arbitrarily, and it appears as a regular octahedron icon in the scene. Floodlights create highly diffuse, non-directional light, so shadows are softer and more transparent. When floodlighting an object, the illumination fades at a much slower rate than spotlight illumination. The lamp body material of the floodlight is made of aluminum alloy die-casting, and a layer of high temperature resistant, acid and alkali resistant and anti-aging material will be coated on it.

First, the characteristics of floodlights

Since we own a professional path lights factory, we will introduce to you some features.

1. The floodlight has excellent electrical performance. Under normal circumstances, the power of floodlights is relatively high, using constant current for power supply, with low harmonic current, so it can output a relatively constant luminous flux.

2. The practical range of floodlights is relatively wide, and the installation is relatively convenient and fast. The design of the floodlight is small and exquisite, and the installation is convenient and fast. It can be installed in a variety of ways and will not be restrained by the environment and location.

3. The proportion of visible light of floodlights is relatively high. In the light emitted by the floodlight, its visible light level reaches more than 80%, and the visual effect is very good.

4. The floodlight has good color rendering. Usually, when we use a floodlight, it will emit a softer light, and the object illuminated by the floodlight has a good gloss, the effect is more natural, and its color rendering index is higher than 80.

5. There will be no stroboscopic phenomenon when the floodlight is in use. The floodlight made by excellent craftsmanship has high working efficiency, no stroboscopic, glare, etc. phenomena will occur during work, which can further prevent human eyes from smearing, and will not cause eye fatigue to you. 

6. Floodlights are energy-saving lamps. With the popularity of LED light sources in the lighting market, more and more people use LEDs in the production of lamps, and floodlights are no exception. They also use LEDs as their light sources. In comparison, floodlights appear to be more energy-efficient.

7. The service life of floodlights is relatively long. Its lifespan is roughly 50,000 hours, which is longer than other traditional lamps.

We have products for outdoor hardscape lighting.

Second, the application of floodlights

We have various types of products including outdoor retaining wall lights. Because the floodlight has many characteristics such as long life, energy saving, good color rendering, high proportion of visible light, and excellent electrical performance, it has been recognized by more and more people as a replacement product of electric light source and is often used in advertising. signs, highways, railway tunnels, bridges and culverts, squares, buildings and other places and fields.